Tuesday, 2 April 2013

I Get This Call Every Day Review

I Get This Call Every Day (from now on known as IGTCED) lets you point ad click your way through the job of a customer service call centre employee. IGTCED has you answering a call and choosing how it is owing to be handled. This ranges from politeness to the annoyance as you deal with an irritating caller. As the games says itself you can either lose politely or spectacularly. That statement is no truer than in IGTCED. The odds really are stacked against our poor office work as he tries to help the caller and keep his job at the same time.

IGTCED can be easily played in one sitting and it can be a short sitting depending upon your responses to the caller. However, even if you try to satisfy the caller you can still end up getting fired for one reason or another. I have only made it through to the end without getting fired once and that was a mission in itself.

Call centres must get a real range of people phoning up but I would hate to deal with people like the caller in IGTCED. Especially if I had management that was liable to fire me over the smallest detail. However, I must admit I agree with the decision to for myself sometimes. If I was the boss I would fire somebody who was rude to callers. I do get what our lovely developer David S Gallant is getting at and the game really convey the hopeless soul destroying nature a job like that can be. Then again it led to the creation of this quirky little game to maybe not all bad.

IGTCED is quite addictive. Even though a single play through can last a few minutes it makes you want to try again and try different answers. The music really adds to the experience and the soundtrack really adds to the ambience of the game. However, when it comes down to it I don't feel very good by play it. It's a bit depressing and maybe that is intentional. It the music really reflects the tone of the game in that sense.

The graphics are as basic as they get and yet they work. You don't need HD 3D graphics when you have some great voice acting (in some cases, don't get me wrong there). The graphics themselves reflect once again the overall tone in the game which to be franks is 'depression'. I Get This Call Every Day is an interesting game but not one to be played when trying to cheer yourself up. It is, however, an usual and unique experience but it is just too damn gloomy for me.

Score - 70/100

General Information

Game Name - I Get This Call Every Day
Developer - David S Gallant
Genre -Point and Click
Release date - 28 Dec 2012
Bundle - Bundle In A Box