Sunday, 25 November 2012

Unepic Review

Unepic is one of those throw backs to gaming years gone by. In this case it really wants to be a NES game. Done in a Metroidvana style Unepic has you playing as Daniel, an unlikely hero who basically just likes to play games and watch movies who gets sucked into the very game he is playing with his friends. Chock-a-block of movie and video game references Unepic parodies it's predecessors while at the same time bring a lot more than just laughs to the table.

Unepic has lots of items. And I mean lots. From different melee weapons to spells, pets, armour and more. There is plenty to collect. Plus you as you gain levels you can equip bigger better things as well as advancing specific attributes such as how well you use certain weapons. This is somewhat shallow an area but the wide array of equipment and items more than makes up for it. One downside to all this items is that the storage box can often not feel even nearly big enough and also you can find it gets very cluttered very easily.

The combat is rather basic of hit and do a number of damage but when you throw in fast weapon switching and ranged attacks you get a nice sense of freedom to play as you want. And really that is where Unepic excels. It gives you a bunch of items and says "how would you play this character" and it really does feel like an old school RPG. I know I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The playforming can sometimes but a little glitchey. Since you have to use a keyboard because of the number of items and quick switching you can do, the accuracy of your jumps can leave a little to be desired. However, once you get the hang of it, it really doesn't hamper than game all that much.

As you explore the 200+ rooms of the Unepic castle you come across numerous enemies and treasure to be defeated and collected (in that order). Also on your travels you will meet various NPC's that will sometimes give you quests, other times try to sell you something and one that lets you save the same rather handily.

Overall I would recommend Unepic as it really does deliver a NES experience but it vastly improves upon those basics with a wide repertoire of items and plenty to do. The writing and humour can be hit and miss but it often hits more than it misses.

Score: 80/100

General Information

Game Name: Unepic
Genre: Adventure, RPG
Bundle: Indie Royale The July Jubilee Bundle