Monday, 3 December 2012

Puzzle Agent Review

Puzzle Agent is a point and click adventure game with a twist. It incorporates various puzzles into the story and as you complete each one you move forward in the story. Now you might be asking, "isn't that what most point and click games do?" and well you would be mostly correct. However, Puzzle Agent does it in, and with no other comparison, a Professor Layton style. By this I mean that the puzzle are often very abstract (even for point and click games) but makes some sense in the game world. For example having to do a jigsaw in order to find a clue or working out how many many gnomes some birds can carry. Now if these sound rather odd then you'd be correct, but, that is part of Puzzle Agents charm. It seems like a nonsensical story about an FBI agent who goes to bring a rubber (I refuse to call them erasures...) factory back on line but it becomes so much more.

In Puzzle Agent you play as Agent Nelson Tethers and overall I thoroughly enjoyed the voice acting of all the characters in the game. In fact the entire performance and execution of the game was very good. I can only fault it on the way it ends, it is very abrupt. But I guess that is why there is a sequel. The puzzles are enjoyable and some are very challenging brain teasers and while, like I said, they may seem abstract to an outside they make sense in the game. After finishing each puzzle you are given a rating depending on how many attempts it took you or how many hints you ended up using. Hints are gathered by finding chewing gum in the various areas of the game and it can get quite addictive just trying to find all the gum in itself.

The animation reminds me of old flash games but make it feel very close to the original material that, I must admit I have never read, after finishing the game I am intrigued to try. I am looking forward to playing the second game and continuing the story of Agent Nelson Tethers Puzzle Agent.

Score: 85/100