Friday, 21 December 2012

Reprisal Review

Reprisal Universe's aptly named indie strategy Reprisal takes you and your tribe through a number of different levels demolishing other tribes and spreading throughout the land. As you help your tribe flourish you can use various totems for special effect such as raining down thunder and lightning or expand your territory. The objective of each level varies and gets increasingly difficult as you progress.

While you can't actively control your fellow tribesmen and women. You can tell them to make homes, war or go to a selected point. These all have their own gains, as you might expect. And while you don't choose where they build their houses by creating land appropriately you can effectively give them a push is the fit direction.

Once you complete all of the campaign levels there are additional challenge modes, which as you might have guessed, provide you with a challenge. On top of this there is also skirmish mode that means you can simply try to take over all of the land without being tied down to a specific campaign level.

Overall there isn't much to be said about Reprisal apart from it is an enjoyable and quite addictive strategy game. I full recommend it.


General Information

Game Name: Reprisal
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Reprisal Universe
Bundle: Indie Game Stand