Monday, 17 December 2012

Chester Review

Chester is a game I have had for a while but never tried. It was free for signing up for Indie Game Stand when it first launched. Think of Indie Game Stand deals in individual games at with the usual bundle norm of letting you choose the price. I for one think it is a great site.

Anyway Chester is a 2D platformer with a twist. Quite a cool twist as well I may add. It lets you change the appearance of the level at anytime. Each appearance gives you different advantages such as slower enemies or other benefits. On top of this you can change characters at anytime as well. Sick of playing regular Chester? Then switch to Bit Chester who has different abilities. Oh and did I mention the element system? In true rock, paper, scissors tradition each Chester has an element: fire, water and grass. Each has a strength and a weakness which means you attacks do less or more depending upon the enemies element. Throw into this ultimate attacks that are upgraded through a minor RPG element. As you defeat enemies with the various Chester's you also gain XP and when you get enough that Chester levels up and it's abilities increase. All in all this well put together 2D platformer has a lot to offer throughout its 4 main stages and 4 difficulty levels with tonnes of collectables to boot.

As you journey through the world of Chester you will find yourself in various different levels with different environments from blueprints to sketch. Each has you going in search of the fabled cupcake at the end of the level. The level design is great and challenging but not impossible plus the wide range of characters add an extra dimension to the entire game.

Chester has real charm in it's humour and clever artwork that, while in a heartbeat can change, really defines the Chester Universe. Chester is fantastic and I heartily recommend this brilliantly fun and addictive indie game to anyone.

Score: 95/100

General Information

Game Name: Chester
Genre: Platformer
Developer: BBG Games
Bundle: Indie Game Stand