Monday, 10 December 2012

Cave Story+ Review

Cave Story+ is a Humble Bundle game, from the Humble Indie Bundle 4 to be exact. This is one of those games that you don't expect to be as good as it actually is. The concept of a robot boy goes on a platforming adventure sounds rather boring and generic but what Cave Story+ provides is a fresh and thoroughly entertaining and challenging experience.

As you travel through Cave Story+ you can not only acquire new weapons as you progress through the story but you also upgrade your current ones by collecting some triangles that are dropped by enemies. These enemies can range from fluffy cute but deadly white creatures to something that resembles a fly. Thanks to Cave Story+'s unique art style all of these wonders look new and like nothing ever seen before. Anyway, the weaponry ranges from a machine gun to rockets to a ninja throwing blade type weapon. Each of which as multiple levels that change how powerful they are along side their animation as well. More to the point when you max out you machine gun you can jump and fire downwards to basically fly around all the levels. Amazing just for that one ability.

Boss fights. Need more elaboration? Fair enough. Well Cave Story+ has amazing boss fights. From giant robot fish to island hearts you will be forever surprised by what the next boss fight is going to be. These boss fights are not only wickedly cool but can be really hard as well. But not hard in a "how do I do this?" kind of way but a "if I do this next time I can totally win this!" way instead. The boss fights are always something to look forward thanks to how enjoyable each one is.

The story of Cave Story+ while making very little sense is actually really fun to play though. I have little idea how the creator came up with such a wacky world but I sure am glad they did. While you play as your little robot dude you will come across a large number of characters both good and bad that all bring something enjoyable to the game. Whether that be by being funny, silly or just plain weird there is not a single character I would do without.

This is one of my very favourite games from any Indie Bundle. The fact that you can fly by shooting the floor already sets it ahead of the pack but ontop of that it brings a great adventure with an amazing art style and lovably crazy characters. I just want a second one to play now.

Score: 96/100

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