Friday, 22 March 2013

"Dinner Date" Review

Dinner Date by Stout Games is different to most games. What I mean is that you don't play as the character (Julian Luxemburg) but in fact play as his subconscious. Also your on a deadline. This game spans then 25 minutes that Julian is waiting for his date to turn up. Sounds unusual and well, it is.

As Julian's subconscious you cannot change what he does. You can, however, make him do the little things we ourselves don't notice we do. This includes (for Julian) looking at the clock, flexing his hands or chomping on some bread. So what is the natural thing to make him do you you ask? Why get him drunk of course.

Now unique as this game is, I must say that Julian is miserable. All he does for 25 minutes is complain about one thing or another. However, he complains in a way that makes him seem real, alive and well to be honest a bit whiney at times. It does though all tie together to produce a highly unique game with some highly stylised graphics (despite our friend Julian's hands....) that afterwards leaves you feeling like you wanted to play more. Maybe more will come one day.

I would pick up Dinner Date just because I don't believe there is a gaming experience our there like it. However, it does feel like it needed more. That isn't to say it I'd bad just not as good as it could have been

Score : 70/100

General Information

Game Name - Dinner Date
Developer - Stout Games
Genre - Point and Click? (Need to make up a genre I think...)
Release date - 1 Mar 2011
Bundle - Bundle In A Box