Monday, 18 March 2013

Hammerfight Review

Hammerfight is like conkers with steam punk flying crafts that have metal balls attached to the bottom. You control your machine by rotating the mouse in a circle and use centripetal force to hit the opponent. With a hefty solo campaign and multiplayer, with Xbox controller connectivity, the quirky game has a lot of usual things to offer.

I remember when I first played Hammerfight, I was thoroughly confused. I remember thinking "So I hit the other guy with the ball thingy?" and did rather poorly at it. After a few games to practice my skills (most of which I lost), I got used to the controls and the timing needed to land a good strike. This is definitely one of those games you need to learn to play and actually read the tutorial to do well. That is something I don't normally do, but simply pick up the game on the fly. This is by no means a bad thing and really makes you feel like you go through a journey from being a rubbish nobody to being an expert superstar.

The basic plot of Hammerfight is that you are the last surving member of a tribe called the 'Gaiars', a tribe that has survived by fighting a race of insects. However, after your tribes destruction you meet a family friend who helps you plot the downfall of the Emperor who killed off your people. You do this through gladiator-esque area fights as you claw your way to the top. Overall the plot is enough motivation to get you through the story mode.

As you progress you unlock a variety of new weapons both melee and ranged. This expands the gameplay. With the addition of local multiplayer where you can bash a friend, Hammerfight has a good range of things to offer. Even if those things are a little strange and can leave you going, "What!?". The art and usual game play and use of physics make for a unique gaming experience and this is something I don't get to say very often.

I must admit I really enjoyed Hammerfight despite its tricky controls and sometimes strange collison physics. I especially enjoyed the multiplayer as the story mode is a bit hit and miss. Overall I would recommend this quirky indie area fighter with many twists.

Score - 75/100

General Information 

Game Name - Hammerfight

Developer - KranX Productions
Genre - Action
Release Date - 19 Sep 2009
Bundle - Humble Bundle