Saturday, 16 March 2013

Super Tower Rush Review

Super Tower Rush is the latest indie game to grace the shelves of Indie Game Stand. In Super Tower Rush you race a friend to the bottom of a big tower while avoiding traps and using special powers to give yourself the advantage. The winner is the one that reaches the bottom first. The game is still under development but is really a great local multiplayer game.

With lots of features still to come including online multiplayer and a tutorial you can forgive the developers for letting you be so confused about a few things. Firstly I knows it is good to pick up powers and make them better (or make my opponents worse) by spending the coins I have collected but I am a little fuzzy on what they actually do sometimes. Admittedly after playing a while you figure it out and it doesn't take away from the overall mayhem that is reaching the bottom of the tower and can in fact add to it at times.

There are a range of characters to choose from and each look very different and as this is an Alpha I expect more to come. I would like character specific powers and I'm sure the Super Tower Rush Team will have added tonnes by the time they make a full release.

Despite only being in an Alpha state, Super Tower Rush is fantastic fun and really does hearken back to days where local multiplayer was common place and I am looking forward to further updates from them.

Score: 75/100

General Information
Game Name - Super Tower Rush

Developer - Super Tower Rush Team
Genre - Platformer
Release Date - Still in Alpha
Bundle - Indie Game Stand

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